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List of Ready-to-use 3D Printers Under $1000

Friday May 31, 2013

To round out the month, we've begun compiling a list of 3D printers that can be had, fully assembled and ready to use, for under $1000.

There are relatively few offerings in this market sector at this point, but the 3D printing industry is expanding rapidly, and it seems like a new offering surfaces every week.  Note: There are a lot more 3D printers available for under $1000, however many of them require significant assembly and a fair measure of technical expertise.

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Book Review - Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing

Friday May 31, 2013

Last month, we published a short excerpt from Fabricated, by Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman, which outlined 10 core principles of 3D printing and why the technology has so much potential to be disruptive.

It took some time, but our full review of the book is now live.  It was a really great read, and provides a pretty comprehensive look at the current state of 3D printing, and offers fantastic look at where it could potentially go in the future.  There's a ton of information here, and whether you're completely new to the technology or have been reading about it for years, it's likely you'll come across ideas you haven't seen before.  Check out the review below:

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Roadblocks and Challenges That Face 3D Printing

Friday May 31, 2013

We've done quite a few articles about the incredible promise and bright future that 3d printing has in store for us, but even though the technology has been around for over 20 years it's still very much in its infancy.

Like any young industry, there are a great deal of roadblocks, concerns, and implications that must be overcome and dealt with if 3d printing is ever going to rise to a place of mainstream prominence.

3D printing may very well change the world, but there are certain challenges that must be overcome:

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CGRecap - May 2013

Friday May 31, 2013

It's time for another CGRecap.  This month was light on the news side of the equation, so we filled things out with a bit more artwork this time around.

There was a lot of good sculpting this month, and if you have the Unity web-player installed, there's a really good (re: absurdly impressive) real-time demo in this month's recap:

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Long Term Goals and Promises of 3D Printing

Friday May 31, 2013

3D printing has all the hype in the world right now, but in reality we're still years (or decades) away from reaching the full potential of the technology.

While the tech has already made quite an impact in manufacturing (especially in rapid prototyping), the long term goals and promises of 3d printing can potentially go far beyond the industrial sector.

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List of CG Job Sites for Game-Dev, Animation, and VFX

Friday May 31, 2013

There are a lot of places to look for work in the computer graphics industry, some of them better than others.

The largest sites, like Gamasutra and Creativeheads are quite well known, but a lot of smaller niche opportunities end up slipping through the cracks at some of the larger boards.

We rounded up a list of the best places to go searching for a job in 3D.  Whether you're looking to work in game development, animation, visual effects, or arch-viz, there should be something here for you:

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Amazing Maya Script: zPipeMaker

Wednesday May 22, 2013

Just felt the need to post this, because it's undoubtedly one of the most useful Maya scripts I've seen in quite some time.

Created by Chris Zukowski, the script gives Maya users an easy way to create pipes and tubes with an astonishing level of control.  If you've ever wrestled with Maya's built-in methods for extruding geometry along a curve (or modeling pipes by hand) you know that they fall considerably short when it comes to precision, so a script like this should be a welcome sight for any environment artist.

Get it: Download the script here or watch the overview video.

What about us? And for you 3DS Max users—there's always PipeGen, eh?

Free 3D Software - Our Recommendations and Top Picks

Friday May 17, 2013

Looking to get started in 3D, but don't want to pay an exorbitant amount of cash for software?

While the top commercial applications will set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars, there are actually a ton of options out there that make it easy to jump into 3d modeling, animation, and game development without any monetary overhead.

We've compiled a list of our top recommendations for free 3D software, and while the list is far from exhaustive, these are the best of what's available:

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New CGTrader Competition - Win a 3D Printer!

Thursday May 16, 2013


CGTrader has just launched a new competition to see which of their users can produce the best 3D print-ready models between now and June 30th.

Two Ultimaker 3d printer kits are up for grabs, one for the best single model, and one for the best print-ready collection uploaded during the contest duration.  Additionally, winners and runner-ups can snag gift certificates to Sculpteo and win a chance to have their work featured at the iMakr shop in London.

Models need to be print-ready in the .STL format, so be sure to read the contest guidelines carefully if you plan to enter.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join the 3D printing revolution and compete for some truly stellar prizes—I mean, who doesn't want their own 3D printer to experiment with?  Happy modeling!

Pitfalls of CG Students - Futurepoly Lecture

Tuesday April 30, 2013

Not too long ago, the guys from Futurepoly (a game-art school in Bellevue) posted an excellent lecture on YouTube that discussed what it takes to go pro as a game artist.

In their lecture, they identified quite a few common pitfalls that they see in student artists, and I thought it would be worthwhile to recount some of them here.  Of course, if you have time, be sure to watch the video—at 50 min, it's a bit lengthy, but there's a ton of valuable information contained within.

Read: Common Student Artist Pitfalls

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