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3D Recap November 2012 - The Month's Top CG Artwork and Industry News


This is probably the first time since we started doing these recap articles that we've had a really, really quiet news month.

Compared to October with the Lucasfilm acquisition and all the discussion that accompanied it, there just wasn't a whole lot going on in the industry these past 30 days. Aside from a few interesting software releases, it was pretty much radio silence.

We'll give you a few extra visuals to make up for the news shortage, but before we get to that here are a couple software releases that might be worth taking a look at:

1. News / Releases

  1. Quixel “dDo” is in Open Beta - Quixel, developer of the much lauded nDo2 Photoshop plugin has been working on a companion application that they've dubbed dDo. And guess what? It's ready for you to try.

    Quixel's entire mission statement is centered on reducing the amount of back breaking busy-work in the CG texturing pipeline and paving the way for the spontaneity, joy, and boundless creativity of an efficient workflow. dDo promises the ability to “texture entire scenes, props and characters within minutes, all following the art direction you've carefully designed.” Does it deliver? Hard to say at this juncture, but I'm certainly interested in finding out.

  2. Microsoft Opens Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver - One studio closes, another one opens. Microsoft recently took the wraps off the new studio they recently opened in Vancouver, BC. The press release announcing Black Tusk studios indicates an aggressive growth schedule (jobs!) and plans to develop a new AAA franchise based on an original IP. Huzzah!

2. Visuals

  1. ZBrush to Wood Workflow - Ben Godi - This is absolutely brilliant. I've never seen anything like the process that Ben is using here, and I doubt you have either. He's essentially creating a prototype sculpture in ZBrush, then tracing a 3D print on a wood milling pantograph to create 20 duplicates. I'll be honest—I don't entirely know what all of that means, but it sure is impressive. Check out the link!

  2. Daily Disney Doodles - Leslie Van den Broeck - This collection of sculpts at ZBrushCentral is basically guaranteed to put a smile on your face if you (even remotely) consider yourself a Disney fan. Over the past couple weeks Leslie has dedicated his after-work hours to an extensive series of Disney inspired character sculpts. Translating well known 2D characters into 3D models is no easy task, but he pulls it off magnificently.

  3. Venom Hunter - Robin Benes - This CGChoice award winner from Robert Benes is super detailed, super creative, and perfectly executed across the board. He posted a couple progress images showing the untextured ZBrush assets, and those alone would be showcase worthy, but as the old adage goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  4. Modo Replicator Suits - Maciej Kuciara - Maciej recently posted two character renders using Modo's replicator features. Both of them received CGHub editor's choice awards, but I like the most recent one best. The use of replicators lends a really interesting, almost scale-like surface quality that's quite unlike anything I've ever seen before. Really good stuff.

  5. Halo 4 Environment Art - 343 industries recently released a whole bunch of environment art from the latest Halo title over at the Polycount forums. Entirely worth checking out if you're a fan of Halo, environment art, science fiction, hard-surface modeling, craftsmanship, lens flares, or just art in general. What I'm trying to say is, "click the link!"

  6. Neon City - Dennis Kaya Iversholt - My goodness look at all that detail! Not only does this image have some of the most detailed environment modeling I've seen in a long time, it's also got one of the best WIP threads on CGTalk. It's been fun watching this one slowly evolve over the course of the last few months, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

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