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3D Recap October 2012 - The Month's Top CG Artwork and Industry News


Ah October, my favorite month of the year. This year you brought us pretty colors, and a giant superstorm. Nope, I'm not talking about Hurricane Sandy. I'm talking about Disney acquiring the entire George Lucas empire including, yes, the Star Wars franchise.

Here's some of the industry's top news and artwork from October 2012:

1. News / Releases

  1. Disney Acquires Lucasfilm Empire - Star Wars: Episode 7 Coming in 2015 - Fresh off the presses, this is by far the biggest news of the (decade?) month. George Lucas has passed the torch, transferring the rights to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ILM, Skywalker Sound, and the rest of the Lucasfilm empire to the Walt Disney Company.

    As if that wasn't enough, Disney has announced that starting in 2015, there will be three more Star Wars films, which already have completed treatments. Apparently Disney has been developing the franchise, y'know, just in case George ever decided to sell. Well folks, it happened. In hindsight, I'm actually not at all surprised this is how the saga unfolded—these two brands are meant for one another. Color me excited.

  2. CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - The last CGChallenge hasn't even ended yet and the next one is already starting up. CGSociety is celebrating their tenth anniversary as the world's leading CG community by launching a massive contest, simply themed: TEN. The artist must incorporate the number ten into an image or video based entry either literally or symbolically, but other than that it's pretty open ended. As always, the prize pool is just bonkers, with more than $140,000 worth of goodies up for grabs.

  3. Blur Studios - The Goon Kickstarter - Just a friendly reminder that there are only 10 days left to contribute to Blur's campaign to Kickstart their collaborative effort with David Fincher to adapt The Goon into a feature length animation. The campaign has been somewhat controversial, with many questioning why two industry leaders need to ask their fans for money, however the studio has been quite transparent and seems to have good reasons for doing so. I've always thought it would be really great to see a feature film from Blur, so this is kind of a no-brainer.

  4. Zynga Cutbacks - Mobile Leader Lays off 5% of Staff - Zynga (of Farmville fame) exploded into the mobile gaming arena a few years ago and quickly scaled up to 3200 employees, opening numerous additional studios and garnering a billion dollar valuation in their IPO. In a sense, they created a market, dominated the market... and then the market began to catch up. The company's stock has been consistently struggling since the company went public, so the layoffs (while unfortunate) aren't an enormous surprise. Zynga should be just once things are streamlined a bit, but they're a classic case of too big way too fast.

  5. Animal Logic Buys FuelFX - Studio Reopened On Oct 2 - And to close out the news section, here's a feel good story for you. Remember FuelFX, the embattled effects house that went into voluntary administration a few months ago? Well, it turns out the story has a positive ending! Sydney studio, Animal Logic has purchased FuelFX and plans to bring the company into the fold, effective immediately. Animal Logic has stated that the two teams will collaborate on short-form contract effects work, while maintaining their distinct identities in the VFX arena.

2. Visuals

And now, the artwork:

  1. LINRAN - This is going to be a rare entry where the artwork isn't actually 3D, but I'm going with it, because you know what? It's astounding. Awhile back there was some controversy surrounding Linran's work and he removed all his images from CGHub without warning. Well, he's begun re-posting them (at the provided link), and if you haven't seen his work before, it's really worth following—he's masterful.

  2. Stereoscopic Paintings - Theo Prins - You guys, you must check this guy out. Concept artist, Theo Prins has gradually been converting his digital paintings into stereoscopic images that can be viewed on a regular monitor without any glasses (assuming you know how to cross your eyes.) Theo has a very unique color sensibility and his layered environments lend themselves fabulously to 3D conversion. This is my favorite find of the month!

  3. Game Bulidings! - Tarek Samaan - This extensive collection of isographic game assets is just the coolest, because the work is so far from what you normally see coming out of ZBrush. Check 'em out, they're imaginative, cartoony, and full of style.

  4. Space Waltz - Tomas Kral - Tomas' images reached the top row on both CGTalk (linked), and also over at ZBrushcentral. The renders at ZBC are super realistic, and amazingly well composited, while the CGTalk post adds a bit of cartoony flair.

  5. Fibermesh Parfait - Carver - Woah there! This has to be one of (if not the most) extensive uses of ZBrush's fibermesh features to date. Carver made use of forced perspective to construct and render this entire scene in ZBrush. Quite an achievement.

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