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Construction Parameters
Polygon Cube Construction Parameters

The options box for a polygon cube primitive. Go to Edit → Reset Settings to restore default values.

OK, now that you know how to create a basic primitive, let's take a look at some of the advanced construction options.

Go ahead and delete any objects you created in the previous lesson by selecting them and striking either delete or backspace.

We'll use a polygon cube for most of our demonstration. Go ahead and create a new cube primitive, but this time choose the option box:

CreatePolygon PrimitivesCube.

Every primitive object has a set of construction parameters that can be modified before the geometry is placed in the scene. For a cube, these parameters include scale (Width, Height, Depth), and divisions.

The subdivison parameters determines how many times each of our cube's faces are divided along each axis. Let's give our cube 3 subdivisions on each axis, and leave everything else at its default value.

Maya always saves tool options from use to use, so if you ever need to restore a tool to its default settings, simply go to EditReset Settings from within the options box.

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