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Maya Lesson 1.5: Selection & Duplication


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Selection Modes
Maya's Contextual Menus and Selection Modes

Access Maya's different selection modes by holding down the right mouse button while hovering over an object.

Let's continue by discussing the different selection options in Maya.

Place a cube in your scene and click on it—the cube's edges will turn green, indicating that the object has been selected. This type of selection is called Object Mode.

Maya has a number of additional selection types, and each one is used for a different set of operations.

To access Maya's other selection modes, hover your mouse pointer over the cube and then click and hold the right mouse button (RMB).

A menu set will appear, revealing the Maya's component selection modes—Face, Edge, and Vertex being the most important.

In the fly menu, move your mouse to the Face option and release the RMB to enter face selection mode.

You can select any face by clicking its center point and can then use the manipulator tools we learned in the previous lesson to modify the shape of the model. Select a face and practice moving, scaling, or rotating it like we've done in the example above.

These same techniques can also be used in edge and vertex selection mode. Pushing and pulling faces, edges, and vertices is probably the single most common function you'll perform in the modeling process, so start getting used to it now!

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