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Isolating Objects
Isolate Select > View Selected

Use the "View Selected" option to hide unwanted objects from view.

What if you're working on a complex model, and but only want to see one (or a few) objects at a time?

There are a lot of ways to play with visibility in Maya, but probably the most useful is the View Selected option in the show menu.

Select an object, find the Show menu at the top of the workspace, and then go to Isolate SelectView Selected.

The object you selected should now be the only thing visible in your view-port. View selected hides everything except the objects that are currently selected when the option is turned on. This includes polygon and NURBS objects, and also curves, cameras, and lights (none of which we've discussed yet).

The objects in your selection set will remain isolated until you go back into the Panel menu and uncheck “View Selected.”

Note: If you plan on creating new geometry (through duplication, extrusion, etc.) while using view-selected, make sure you turn on the Auto Load New Objects option, highlighted in the image above. Otherwise, any new geometry will be invisible until you turn off view selected.

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