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Gaming in 3D

3D gaming is available on all of today's major consoles, excluding the Nintendo Wii. With the rise of 3D home theater systems, consumers are seeing more and more opportunities to bring stereoscopic 3D to their PS3 and XBox 360 experience. If you're a PC gamer there are already dozens of titles that take advantage of NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology.

How Important are ZBrush / Mudbox to the Gaming Industry?
In or latest FAQ installment, we examine how important it is to know a digital sculpting app if you plan to pursue a career in game development.

What is the Uncanny Valley?
The uncanny valley is a term coined in 1970 by Japanese robotics professor Masahiro Mori, and describes the negative emotional response often experienced by human observers when viewing attempted photorealistic human renderings or models.

How To Successfully Fund Your Indie Game on Kickstarter
Running a successful Kickstarter campaign takes huge amount of pre-planning, and a well-balanced course of action for generating interest and publicity for your project. Here are some valuable tips for putting together a Kickstarter campaign that people will want to support.

Essential Texturing Resources for 3D Artists
A list of tips, tricks, texture libraries, software suggestions, and tutorials to help you successfully conquer the dark art of texturing your 3D models.

Current Gen Gameart Workflow - What is Normal Mapping?
Normal mapping is one of the most important concepts in gameart. Let's answer some basic questions about the technology.

Studio Spotlight - Blur Studio
A studio profile for Blur Studio—an effects house based in Venice, CA that focuses on animation, VFX, design, and game cinematics & trailers.

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